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Business Intelligent

A BI (Business Intelligent) track will begin at , at the beginning of May 2015, for fresh graduates. This track will offer the graduates an opportunity to work in one of the international telecommunications company, within the framework of the employment of graduates.

 Business Intelligent training program (BI) is about to start at eTech. The program is 100% free and with international certificates. The students have a great employment opportunity at international mobile operator. For more information please contact us.

Cartoon Diploma for Children

A 2 weeks diploma designed for children (10 – 16 years). The children who will attend this diploma will be able to produce their own cartoon movie using graphic tools. If you interested, don't miss the chance.

eTech Congratulates the Trainees of the E-Marketing Track

 Congratulates the trainees of the E-Marketing track, who completed the 3 months training scholarship, which was sponsored by MCIT (Ministry of computer and information technology).

The trainees expressed their feelings after completed the track, Yasmin Serag said: "we are now qualified enough to be in the market. While Doaa Gamal said that it was a great program and they have got the knowledge.

Cooperation Protocol of October 6th University
An Android Developer Track Began

Another training scholarship sponsored by MCIT, started at  , which is Android developer track, the program will last for 3 months, to end up by mid of June 2015.

The graduates of this track will become a professional Android developer.

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