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Adobe Photoshop CC


46 Hours


  • Become familiar with the Photoshop workspace.

  • Learn to work with images.

  • Learn selection techniques.

  • Learn how to collage images from various sources.

  • Learn to create layer masks.

  • Understand color models.

  • Learn to use brush tools for painting and retouching.

  • Understand basic color correction principles and techniques.

  • Use the Layers panel for adjustments, clipping, and special effects.

  • Learn to prepare final art for web and print.

  • Learn design techniques for web.

  • Learn to prepare final art.

Course Outline

  • Exploring the Photoshop Workspace

  • Understanding Raster Images: The Relationship between Size and Resolution

  • Simple Selection Techniques

  • Painting

  • Using the Clone Source Panel

  • Working with Adjustment Layers

  • Clipping Masks

  • Working with Type and Vector Shapes

  • Designing for Web

  • Creating a Simple Rollover Button

  • Preparing Final Art

  • Preparing an Image for Print Production

  • Using Smart Objects in Photoshop

  • Creating Images for Web, Video, and Interactive Use

  • New Features in Photoshop CC
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